Sell & Move Now!

A Great Way To Sell Your Home!

We’re cash buyers, you won’t have to worry about financing falling through at the last minute. We’ll buy your home as-is. No need to fix repairs or long over due upgrades.

Sell & Move Now!

What We Do

We specialize in buying houses in Utah “as-is” so you will never have to make a single repair, pay fees or realtor commissions.

We are the only Utah company that will help you as a homeowner find a solution to whatever difficult situation you may be in as well as move you for FREE. Our resources combined with our 20+ years of experience allows for us to solve almost every issue you may be in and give you the highest cash offer! Give us a try! 

Sell & Move Now!

We Are Cash Buyers!

We will buy your home for cash and close in less than 15 days. We will also arrange for all your local moving expenses. 

We Work With

Any Situation

Are you in a tough situation and need to sell your house fast? We’re here to help! We buy houses under any situation you may be facing. Whether it’s divorce, job relocation, eviction, foreclosure, repair issues, health issues, probate, or back taxes/liens, we can help you get out from under your current situation and move on with your life.

We know how difficult and stressful it can be to deal with a difficult housing situation. That’s why we’re here to help you get the cash you need as quickly as possible so you can move on with your life.

Give us a call today at 801-610-7979 or fill out our online form to get started!

Sell & Move Now!

Not Able To Sell Your Home?

It can be incredibly frustrating when you want to sell your home but don’t have the money to move. You’re stuck in a difficult situation where you can’t seem to win. Sell and Move Now is here to help. We will buy your home for cash, help with all your moving arrangements and close within 15 days with a local title company.

We Are Real Estate Professionals

Ready To Sell?

Sell and Move Now is the perfect solution for you. We are a team of experienced real estate professionals who buy homes fast and for cash. We can help you sell your home in as little as 15 days.