Why Brands Work With Us

Our biggest differentiator? We buy your inventory and you benefit from our acceleration technology and services at no fee.

At the outset of our collaboration, we will initiate orders for all the inventory required to support our sales efforts in the initial months. As demand for our products grows and sales continue, we will consistently replenish our inventory. This distinctive approach has been meticulously crafted to expedite the expansion of your ecommerce business, ensuring a rapid and sustainable growth trajectory right from the start. Our goal is to swiftly establish a strong foothold in the market and continuously scale your online presence as efficiently as possible.

Harnessing our robust data science foundation and cutting-edge technology, we will meticulously pinpoint the critical gaps in your ecommerce acceleration process. Collaboratively working alongside our seasoned marketplace managers, we will strategize and formulate an action plan to address these gaps comprehensively. By doing so, we will unlock your ecommerce acceleration potential on a global scale, ensuring that your business is positioned for rapid and substantial growth. This process reflects our commitment to leveraging data-driven insights and expert management to propel your ecommerce operations to new heights.

With our exclusive software and a dedicated team of marketplace specialists, Pattern offers a unique blend of growth and control for your ecommerce endeavors within various marketplaces. This strategic combination empowers you by providing both the necessary bandwidth and access to precisely tailored data. With these resources at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to not only set but also achieve your ecommerce goals effectively. Pattern’s approach ensures that you can navigate the complexities of online marketplaces with confidence and precision, ultimately driving your business toward success.

Leveraging the data driven insights generated by our advanced technology, we’re poised to assist you in expediting the implementation of revenue boosting strategies while maintaining a firm grip on your brand’s image and reputation. The advantages will be ongoing, ensuring that your products remain readily available to consumers. In addition, our adept marketing strategies and optimization techniques will work in tandem to continually enhance your sales figures. This synergy of data driven decision making and strategic execution guarantees sustained benefits for your business, both in terms of product availability and revenue growth.

What makes it crucial to delve into patterns within ecommerce data? The primary objective is to uncover a proven formula for success and replicate it in fresh markets and regions. We are dedicated to partnering with you to thoroughly assess the potential for global expansion and pinpoint the specific marketplaces where we can establish a dominant presence in the near future. By doing so, we aim to leverage our insights and expertise to capitalize on emerging opportunities and maintain a strong competitive edge in the ever-evolving ecommerce landscape.

Expanding Customer Reach through Diverse Sales Channels

Comprehensive Reselling Solutions

Our company provides brands with a strategic reselling ally that presents a variety of sales avenues for connecting with their customers and amplifying their brand exposure, all unified within a single platform.


helping brands expand in reaching their customer base.


We stay ahead of wellness market trends empowering consumers seeking to improve their health.


Because we consistently introduce innovative products.

The Complex Challenges

Product Brand Distribution

Natural product brands are confronted with a diverse array of obstacles when operating within both the retail and e-commerce landscapes. These challenges encapsulate a range of issues that demand strategic navigation and innovative solutions. One prevalent issue revolves around the compliance concerns arising from e-commerce reselling partnerships. Notably, the alignment of seller priorities with product quality may not be uniform across all participants. This discrepancy can lead to variations in the presentation, handling, and reputation of natural products on various e-commerce platforms.

Our Solution

Addressing Compliance

One notable differentiation in approach is the emphasis on a multi-channel strategy. While many distribution partners focus solely on one sales channel, we stand out as a Hybrid entity. By incorporating e-commerce sales, website sales, and retail sales into a holistic approach, we provide brands with a diversified and comprehensive strategy for reaching their target audience. This multi-channel approach not only widens the reach but also offers the flexibility to adapt to varying market dynamics and consumer preferences.


E-commerce Problems Brands FAce

In the rapidly evolving landscape of e-commerce, brands encounter a host of supplementary challenges that demand their attention and innovative solutions.

Brand protection

Safeguard your brand with robust protection measures against infringement and counterfeiting threats.

"Listings" lacking key data

Dimensions, ingredients, nutrition facts, outdated packaging. Poor quality listings on e-commerce result in lost sales.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO optimization helps brands rank higher online, increase brand awareness, and generate more revenue.

Pricing Management

Inconsistencies in pricing can “bottom out” a brand’s MSRP price point.

Order Fulfillment

Out-of-stock issues result in sales for your competitors. We help keep you in stock

Lack of A+ Content

Best-in-class content increases discoverability and results in higher conversions rates.

We are Experts

We Provide Infinite Answers

In this ever evolving landscape, we delve into an array of options tailored to meet your unique requirements. Our commitment to innovation and adaptability ensures that we have something to address every challenge you encounter. Join us on a journey through an expansive spectrum of solutions designed just for you.

Brand Protection

Safeguard your brand with robust protection measures against infringement and counterfeiting threats.

Brand Protection

Unlock your full potential on Amazon using our marketplace insights, digital advertising, and other valuable resources.

Logistics & Order Reporting Fulfillment

By shipping to a single location, fulfill purchases of Products on the Retail Platform in a timely, efficient, and appropriate manner, and provide customer service in a professional manner such that the reputation of Brand will not be harmed or diminished.

Customer Service Reporting

We ensure timely and direct communication with your customers, addressing inquiries, resolving concerns, and providing support when needed.

Hybrid Partnership

We are unique, in that, we offer our brand partners a diversified partnership in e-commerce, our website, retail, and social media influence.

A+ Brand Content on Amazon

Increase your profits with Enhanced Brand Content through a brand store, SEO Optimization, infographics, etc. Create pages that convert!

Advertising on Amazon

Amplify your visibility and boost sales through Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising.

Buy-Sell Agreement

We collaborate with you to establish a mutually beneficial wholesale price agreement, wherein we purchase your inventory prior to any sale made.

So What’s Next?

Partner Up With Us

With a shared vision, unparalleled expertise, and a commitment to excellence, we invite you to join hands with us. Together, we can navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and create a synergy that drives innovation and success.