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The Idaho Irrigation Equipment Association was incorporated as a non-profit corporation Feb. 22, 1971. It currently has more than 115 members including wholesale suppliers, retail dealers, equipment manufacturers, public utilities and financial institutions engaged in serving Idaho’s agricultural and landscape irrigation needs.

The purposes and objectives of the IIEA are:

To promote the development, proper use and acceptance of irrigation equipment for all possible applications.
To promote water and soil conservation, quality of environment, and more economical crop production through the use of irrigation.
To collect and disseminate information regarding irrigation of value to members of the association, to allied industries and to the public.
To acquaint public and private agencies, institutions and organizations with developments in the industry and the part of the industry occupies in the economy and development of the State of Idaho.
To promote a spirit of cooperation among the members of the industry.
To secure cooperative action in advancing the common purposes of its members, foster equity in business usages, and promote activities aimed to enable the industry to conduct itself with the greatest economy and efficiency.
To give proper consideration and expression of opinion upon questions affecting the industry and the financial, commercial and industrial interest of the State of Idaho.
To cooperate with other state and national groups and with non-retail groups, such as educational organizations, farm organizations, chambers of commerce, on matters of common interest that affect the irrigation industry; and on programs that strengthen and develop the state’s agricultural and industrial economy.