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A Better Option?

There often comes a point when individuals with special needs can’t or shouldn’t live in their family home.  Parents may have health challenges, or opportunities for growth aren’t available.  Sometimes an individual is in a group home or institution, and they don’t mesh with roommates or need a more individualized setting.  When life happens and your special needs son or daughter needs a new living situation, consider placing your child in a Host Home setting.   

Host Home is a collaboration between the special needs adult and a hand-selected family who invites that individual into their home and daily lifeThe individual lives with the family in their home, where the family provides the care of that personThe special needs individual participates in the family’s life and becomes a part of that family, while maintaining their relationship with parents, siblings or legal guardians. 

When individuals move in with the family, they have their own bedroom, along with access to the rest of the houseThe host parent works with the individual to establish a routine that allows that person to grow and thriveBecause of the family’s care and concern, individuals in a host home setting often become more independent and develop skills other people didn’t think possible. (Link to Success Stories) 

Because a family is the best setting for the growth and development of most people, Live Empowered is constantly working to find Host Home families who want to help a special needs adult grow and progressWhen an individual moves to a Host Home, that person, along with parents or guardians, works with Live Empowered to find a family that will uphold the standards and expectations established by the individual and his family.   

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