Find a Host Home

Life happens, and sometimes our special needs children need a new place to live.  Some of the many benefits of placing your special needs adult in a host home include:

  • Your loved one is in a family-centered environment where they will have more one-on-one attention. 
  • There is greater opportunity for experience and integration into the community as they join in the host family’s activities. 
  • With your permission the host family and Live Empowered can assist with medical and pharmacy needs. 

When your loved one joins a host family, his or her success is often dependent on the ongoing relationship with youYour child, the host family, and Live Empowered need you involved in your child’s lifeThe host family, and the support they receive from Live Empowered, is an extension of the relationship you already have with your childLive Empowered has a dedicated team working to ensure the host families are supported and our clients are getting the care and attention they need with a focus on the Dreams, Needs and Abilities of each individualFor individuals who also attend Live Empowered’s Day Program, the host family is another support for the progress happening during the day. 

Now that you’ve made the decision that a Host Home placement is best for your child, what’s the next step? 

Reach out to your child’s Support Coordinator, and have them contact Live Empowered.  We will introduce you to a family that is ready to bring an individual into their home, or we will search for a familyUltimately you and your child will work with Live Empowered to find the right match. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Host Home Director. 

Connor Mendez
Host Home Director
Live Empowered
(385) 497-9672)