Day Program

How are We Different?

The Day Program at Live Empowered is a key component of our focus on the DNA of each of our team members. DNA is Dreams, Needs and Abilities, and all of the activities at the Day Program are designed to support the Dreams, Needs and Abilities of our clients and staff.

To support our clients, we have developed three components or projects that each individual rotates through on a weekly basis: 

  • Service:  Our Service component allows team members to choose from a variety of humanitarian projectsAs they work on these projects, they achieve a sense of accomplishment while giving back to the community.
  • Personal Growth:  The Personal Projects component allows team members to work on projects that they select These individualized projects express their individuality while developing skills. 
  • CommunityThe Community component allows team members to go into the community where they interact with community members and build friendships outside of the center.

Your child’s goals and individual desires form the basis of his or her individual DNA.  Staff members help design activities that lead toward fulfilling Dreams, Needs and Abilities.  Those activities are based on your child’s PCSP goals and change as your child sees personal growth and development.  

If you have questions about the Day Program at Live Empowered, contact our Day Program Director.  

Stephanie Hyde
Day Program Director
(801) 756-7917
(385) 329-0870 (cell)